Emerging Artist – Are you one?

Artists are often unsure as to whether they qualify for the Emerging Artist Award. The $2000 Emerging Artist Award criteria states “An emerging artist is an artist of any age who is at the beginning of their career and who has created a modest independent body of work.”

To be considered for the Emerging Artist Award you will need to add a statement of up to 250 words giving an overview of your artist career and evidence as to why you should be considered an emerging artist, and attach a copy of your Artist Resume or CV.

If you don’t already have an Artist Resume or CV, read these articles for ideas:

How is the Emerging Artist Statement different to the Artist Statement

The Emerging Artist Statement is different to the (optional) Artist Statement.

The Emerging Artist Statement is used solely to determine the winners of the $2000 Emerging Artist Award from shortlisted entries.

The Artist Statement does not get used in the shortlisting process, but is used for our Catalogue and to display with your work if you are selected as a finalist.