Encouragement to enter from Ron Ramsey


A note from Ron Ramsey, Executive Director, Art Gallery Society of New South Wales & 2018 Stanthorpe Art Prize Judge

For artists, working at home or in the studio is a fairly solitary existence. You are closer to your work than anyone else on the planet and the creativity required to produce work is what you nurture and develop. To remove something from that personal experience and subject it to public scrutiny requires an enormous shift. To enter an art prize requires a certain amount of courage – this is a time for your work to be judged not only by those appointed as officials but by the broader viewing public. It is also a celebration – you have wanted to view your works in the context of others and now here you go – otherwise you will never know and that cache of work will remain at home or in the studio unseen by the broader viewing public- and wouldn’t that be a shame? What do you have to lose?

As American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said ‘Every artist was first an amateur