Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 Stanthorpe Art Prize


Is there a theme?
No, there’s no theme for this art prize.

Who is eligible for which prize?

  • All shortlisted works will be considered for the $25,000 Stanthorpe Art Festival 2018 Award – First Prize.
  • All shortlisted works will be considered for their respective 2D or 3D category prizes ($5000 Significant 2D Award & $5000 Significant 3D Award).
  • Only artists that nominate themselves AND meet the criteria for the Emerging Artist Award, the Youth Award and the Local Artist Award will be considered for those prizes.
  • Volunteers of the Gallery will vote for the Volunteers Choice Award.
  • Visitors to the exhibition will vote for the Public Choice Award.

Sizes of 2D artworks
There have been questions about the size allowances of 2D artworks. Previously we stated the maximum size for 2D to be 150 cm by 150 cm, or 2.25m2, which was confusing to some. We have clarified this rule to now read The perimeter of a two dimensional entry (including frame) must not exceed 6 metres in total. Maximum weight allowed is still 15kg. Example 1: a 2D work that is 100cm x 200cm would be 6 metres in total (100 + 200 + 100 + 200). A work that is 50cm x 250cm would be 6 metres total (50 + 250 + 50 + 250).

Can diptychs and triptychs be entered?
Yes they can. Diptychs and triptychs may either be entered as a single work and but must comply with the sizing rules above or entered as separate works. If they are submitted as separate works they will be judged as individual pieces.

Do I need to frame my 2D work?
Works on paper or canvas must be sent framed and fitted with D-rings, placed 100mm from top of work, ready for hanging. Works not correctly fitted will not be exhibited. D-rings are not available from gallery. A stretched canvas is considered framed.

What are the size limits on 3D works?
Three dimensional work must not exceed 15kg in weight and should not exceed 50 cm in any dimension OR maximum volume of 0.125 m3. Please use this volume calculator if you are not sure if your work fits these requirements. A tall but thin piece (for example 10cm wide, 10cm deep and 70cm tall would fit within these requirements).

What are the entry fees?
The entry fees are $50 for one entry, $90 for two entries, and $120 for three entries. Any more than three entries are charged at $30 each. No refund will be given if the work is not selected for exhibition. The work will not be judged if an entry fee has not been received in respect of that work.

Does my work have to be for sale?
All work must be for sale. SAGS will deduct commission at 33.33% from the sale price. Payment will be made to the artists after the end of the exhibition when SAGS has received payment for the work in question.

Who is considered an emerging artist?
An emerging artist is an artist of any age who is at the beginning of their career and who has created a modest independent body of work.

Who is eligible for the Youth Award?
Artists who are between 12-18 years old or younger as at 4 April 2018 are eligible for the Youth Award.

Who is considered a Local Artist?
We consider a Local Artist a person who is or was a resident in the Southern Downs Regional Council or Tenterfield Shire Council areas at time of creation of the artwork.

What images are required to submit my entry?
2D work: two images (one full, one detail)
3D work: three images (from two different aspects, and one detail)
So that your work is shown at its best, please provide high quality high resolution images, shot in good light so that the judges can see your work properly. If the images are not clear then your entry will be rejected.