Transport options & discounts

Important news regarding transport

***Do not send in works until you have been notified if you are pre-selected***

For artists who have already entered or for those who are still weighing up their options, the question of shipping costs is usually high on the agenda.

Following pre-selection artists will be advised if they have been selected as a finalist. It is then that the arrangements for shipping need to be made. Some of you will hand deliver, others will use Bus/Coach Services, Pack ‘n Send or Australia Post (package those corners carefully!)

However, if you are considering a professional art carrier, then please read on!
Naturally costs vary according to distance, but you need to have confidence that your important work will be handled with care by art industry carriers.

Artworks Transport are a respected carrier and have carried Art Prize artworks to Stanthorpe in previous years.  Full contact details are below. They will offer a discount of 50% off shipping to and from Stanthorpe.   All bookings to be made direct with:
Scott Hunter   –  0409 205 330   –

International Art Services (IAS) have a long relationship with the Stanthorpe Art Prize delivering artists works to the gallery over many years.   They will offer a variety of discounts as well as individual packages all aimed to be supportive of artists.   The contact details are below – a conversation worth having!
IAS Brisbane    Ross Hall  –  0421 769 379  –  –
IAS Sydney          02  9667 1077
IAS Canberra       02  6232 9773
IAS Melbourne   03  9329 6262
IAS Perth             08 9249 5376

Remember that all artworks need to arrive in Stanthorpe with all freight costs paid for both delivery to and collection from, the Regional Art Gallery.  Keep a copy of the inward/outward freight documents and make sure that a copy is also attached to, or delivered with your work, when it arrives here.